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Mini Site Profits Warning:This book is not for the timid. This is definitely direct response, "gimme the cash" stuff ...Paul Myers, Talk-Biz News

"The Easy Way to create a stream of fast, low-cost, mini sites that create an incredible cash flow
24-Hours a Day, Non-Stop!"

If you've been struggling to make a fortune promoting affiliate programs you're not alone. It's not as easy as some people make out... as you'll know if you've been trying.

But what if I told you that I've discovered an easy way to affiliate success? A way that will help you make more affiliate sales every day than most people make in a month, by building a series of profit making mini sites that run on autopilot.

From: Phil "mini sites" Wiley
Tuesday, 6.37PM

Dear Friend,

Mini sites really, really work. I know, because I'm earning a fortune from my mini sites.

Look, there are only 3 ways to make a fortune promoting affiliate programs, and don't let anyone tell you different. One is to be totally swamped with a flood of traffic, traffic that never stops pouring in - but only the biggest sites on the web, like Microsoft and Yahoo, get this kind of traffic. Another is to have a large and highly targeted ezine, but this takes years to build and nurture. And the third way - the one that I discovered 2 years ago, is with a chain of quick-to-build mini sites ....small 1-5 page sites that almost anyone can put together quickly and easily once they've read my book.

Believe me when I say that this book is like nothing you've read before. The Mini Site Profits home study course is like no other marketing and promotion product on the web. You'll learn stuff you'll not read anywhere else, and you'll discover low-cost methods that really, really work - and that work fast.

It's very definitely possible, using the techniques in my course, to start bringing in sales from your mini sites within a week of finishing reading.

That's right! Inside Mini Site Profits you'll find out how to
choose an affiliate program to promote.
get a great domain name (I show you how).
put together a simple, but creative, mini web site that compels your visitors to buy.
get your site hosted and up and running.
and get traffic and sales pouring in.

And all within a week of finishing studying the course..

Think it's impossible? Well think again
- mini sites really, really work.

" The reader is expertly guided through each step of the way with remarkable results…a profit making, search engine friendly, themed mini-site in as little as 20 minutes….amazing! Your Mini Sites profit book will be MASSIVE as it is the only book that I have ever read that tells the full story of how to obtain REAL Internet success from the very beginning right through to the completion.
You have made it impossible for anybody to fail. Here is a book with crystal clear instructions that cuts right to the chase without any fluff….and most importantly…the information actually works.
It is a must-read for anybody who is truly serious about building a profitable business on the Internet. This is the book that I wish that I could have written. You can be very proud Phil…you are going to make a lot of people very rich:o) Andrew Laing, The Affiliates Club

Look you don't have to be a genius to do this - to build a profit-pulling mini site empire. Sadly, I'm not a genius. Far from it. I flunked high school, and never got into college. My first real job was at a coal mine, and after I got sacked I worked as a postman, until I got sacked again eight months later for being too lazy. I've always hated hard work. Maybe that's why I came up with the mini site concept - fast simple web sites that really work at filling my bank account.

What I figure is that if I can pull in an affiliate fortune with mini sites, then almost anyone can do it.

Hi Phil, Shane Pearce here. Guess what, I just quit my job! and am working full time from home now! I must say, and this isn't anything else but a unsolicited testimonial, Your book played a huge part in this. I'm am so grateful to you. While I had the knowledge in my brain, Your book just sealed it, and I started applying some of your tactics. Now I'm working from home.

You don't need to spend a fortune either. I can't think of any other business where you can get started for well under $20 (I'll even show you how to do it for under $10). I'm not kidding here. I've discovered ways for you to get your own domain name - a new name for each mini site you build - and have the site fully hosted, without the host placing an ads on your site, for as little as $8.88 a year.

Let's just sum up exactly
what you're going to learn here.

You'll discover how you can easily choose any affiliate program on the net and put together a mini site to promote it in 1 hour or less.

You'll learn how to pick the affiliate programs that will bring you big profits, and build a fast site that will run on autopilot and fill your bank account with cold, hard cash.

You'll learn how to create a stream of profitable affiliate sites that presell like crazy.

And best of all find out exactly how to create your mini site fortune with sites that cost as little as $8.88 to build and run - and that includes the domain name and full, ad-free, hosting.

In no time at all you can easily have 20 or more sites bringing in affiliate riches

That's the domain name + full, ad-free, hosting
for a total cost of under $10 a year.

If you're not interested in that kind of deal then stop reading now, because mini sites definitely aren't for you. You'd better buckle down to some hard work instead, building your own version of Microsoft or another expensive giant.

My way is for people who haven't got a lot of spare time, or spare cash. People who want to make it on the web but haven't got the time or the inclination to build one of those massive mega-sites that make sales because of all the expensive advertising they do.

Congratulations! You've done a fantastic job.
I love the case studies - that Scott Dantzer
one is a beauty - and all the specific little
details. That's exactly the sort of precise
how-to info which affiliates need to succeed.
Allan Gardyne.

My name is Phil Wiley and I've been a top performing affiliate for a few years now - one of the "super affiliates" you hear about. Not just for one product. I've signed up to promote over 50 different products or services, and I'm one of the top selling affiliates for many of them.

So I know what I'm talking about when I say that mini sites work. They work for me, and they'll work for you. I'll show you EXACTLY how I do it. Nothing held back, no secrets kept tucked up my sleeve.

You'll learn what works, why it works,
and exactly how to achieve the same success.

In a nutshell Mini Site Profits teaches you how to build small, fast, low cost, direct response web sites that sell affiliate programs like crazy.

I was glued to the monitor.
This is such an eazy read! You really do cut the fluff and get down to
business...awesome. Anytime you would like a testimonial for customer
service, feel free to use me. I have never had such a quick and professional
response from anyone on the internet. I certainly expected no less, after
reading All the Secrets for years and feeling as if I know you. You are one
to practice what you preach, providing personalized, fast customer service
instead of just an automated response. I can't wait to get my minisite
going - Ann Olbrich

there are tons more awesome testimonials here,
and more pouring in every day

Thank You Phil,
Excellent, I waited quite awhile for you to publish this and was far from disappointed. You have done a masterful job of breaking things down into easy to follow manageable steps which go straight to the point.
None of the marketing hype or gibberish which some of the other books I have read contain. Any one should be able to follow the plan in this book and succeed. I'll be doing a couple of test minisites this weekend myself.
Thanks again. Conrad King

Why do you think people are being so enthusiastic?

It's because Mini Site Profits is not just a rehash of all the other books and courses out there. It's because it's simple and straightforward and above all it works.

You're going to learn things no other book can teach you.

You're going to find out exactly how to create a stream of profitable mini sites for under $10 a year each - and that price includes your own domain name and full ad-free hosting.

You'll learn exactly how to build your sites to pull sales fast.

You'll learn how to find the products and affiliate programs that sell like crazy and how to profit from them.

You'll learn the very best ways to decide on domain names, and the techniques to make your mini sites rank high in the search engines.

You'll learn how to build a site from scratch and make money within your first week even if you don't have a contact list.

And tons more

In fact the well known Sydney Johnston, author of Make your Net Auction Sell says:

" My congratulations on a GREAT job! I have spent hours and hours going over your book. I have tons and tons of notes and ideas. There is a lot to take in there, so I don't pretend to have mastered it all. I am truly impressed."

Let's cut to the chase

Look, I hate those massive overlong letters, where "salesmen" try 500 different ways of persuading you to part with your cash. I'm not a "salesman" and I never will be. I like the truth too much, and I can't stand hype. So I'll cut to the chase and tell you exactly what's waiting for you the minute you sign up:

What you're going to get your hands on, in just a few short minutes, is a complete mini site success package.

First there's the ebook Mini Site Profits. An info packed, no-fluff, super guide to building successful profit pulling mini web sites that "presell" affiliate programs like crazy.


Then there's FREE access to the members only site, which is PACKED with extras including READY TO USE affiliate mini site templates.

I could leave it there, and that would be enough for you to start building your own profit-pulling mini site empire, but I know that you might have plans to bring out your own product. So I'm including the book Killer Mini Sites, which concentrates on showing you how to put together mini site sales letters that sell. This book comes complete with resale rights, so you can advertise and profit from it straight-away.

And just in case you've got limited, or no, web building experience I've included your own personal copy of Milana Nastetskaya's exceptionally good
65 Instant Web Design Answers!

When I first read it a few months ago I loved this book so much that I spent $300 buying the resale rights to it.

Milana, a professional web site developer, has written a simple practical guide to building a web site that just knocks the pants off anything I've read before.

I've got a shelf full of books on html and web design, but they're all just too much to wade through.

This ebook is packed with web design tips and tricks that would take you years to master. I've learnt quite a bit from it and I've been building sites for years.

It perfectly compliments my mini site profits book. Like I said I paid US$300, but it's yours for free inside the Mini Site Profits members site.

What kind of investment are you going to have to make to get all this? US$197 like several affiliate authorities have suggested?

How about just $67?
(US dollars)

Now if I stopped here you'd say I'd way over-delivered, but if you order today I'll throw in:

a free email consultation and critique of the first mini site you build after studying the simple to follow techniques in my book

a directory of low cost web hosts that will save you a fortune over the course of a year. (and by low I mean as low as $1 a month for full ad-free hosting")

FREE unlimited updates.

Resale rights to the book Killer Mini Sites which you can sell for $25.95.

free lifetime access to the members only private site.

a growing collection of mini site templates for you to jumpstart your mini site empire.

a package of valuable bonus ebooks, which you'll find in the members area.

and last, but not least

a 20% discount off my next book (the subject is still a secret because it's a brand new but important subject).

Now remember, I'm not guaranteeing to keep the price this low for much longer. I'm seriously thinking of increasing it to $97 or even more. My friends, and the affiliate experts (who I secretly think fear the competition) tell me I'm stupid to be offering a great package like this at such a low price.

So you'd better act before I come to my senses and start building your cash producing mini site empire right now

All products are available for immediate digital download.
Both Windows and Mac versions are can download both if you wish.

yours in mini site success

whooaa! Nearly forgot to tell you about the all important guarantee. It's one of those dog ate it ones. You get to use the book and the members site for a full 90 days and then, if you decide that mini sites are not working for you, just ask for your money back. So that's a full 3 months, no argument, money back ironclad success guarantee.

So...if you're prepared to put some effort into earning a living with fast-to-build affiliate mini sites follow the link below.

click here to get the book, access to the mini site profits members site, and all the free bonuses right now.

Phil: Just a quick note to tell you your new mini sites product is awesome! The great thing about this is, anyone -- and I honestly believe that -- virtually anyone can take your idea and make money with it in relatively short order. It's simple. It's practical. And it really, really works. Genius. Just sheer genius. Marlon Sanders

Mini Site Profits is excellent!

I found it to be a good read and full of rock-solid content. Lots of ideas I never thought about. Just the hosting information alone saves me more than I paid for it! I'll definitely be referring my contacts to grab a copy of it before you RAISE the price to what it's REALLY worth. Best regards, Jimmy D. Brown

You'll kick yourself<> if you don't take this opportunity
to learn how to build profit pulling mini sites. Grab it now

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